Thạc sĩ Lê Đặng Thùy Linh


Ms. Lê Đặng Thùy Linh (M.Sc)

Lecturer - Hospitality & Tourism Management

I am Project Director of Vietnam Dental Tourism, the latest product of Vietnam tourism. We are connecting all the stakeholders of this industry together through an ecosystem and act as a leader in quality control and destination branding (for Dental Tourism sector). Message me if you wish to know more details.

I also teach final year students across a few universities as I believe in sharing knowledge and experience to the future generations. This intangible asset shall enhance its value much better this way!

Apart from that, I actively engage with community projects such as Women Empowerment Club HCMC (granted by American Consulate) and Swiss Alumni Association in Vietnam (supported by Swiss General Consulate). I host a lot of events with unique concepts and contents. Let me know if you have something in mind to share!

Thanks to almost a decade of living and working across Asian, European, and African cultures, I have become an innovative learner, with high flexibility, intensive stress endurance, and excellent communication skills. A typical global citizen who never stops learning, adapting, and moving. 

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