The Hospitality and Tourism career in Vietnam are growing significantly in the recent years, and occupied an important position in the development of Vietnamese as well as other countries economy. With the professional working environment in the luxury, wide connection and higher income level compared to other career, Hospitality and Tourism Management always attracts the candidates.

Moreover, Hospitality and Tourism Management students could apply for diverse career and position. This is consider the easiest program to ask for job since Hospitality and Tourism Management provide skill to apply in daily communication. Students will have to practice the face-to-face communication, etiquettes, problems solving, banquette communication, training thoughtful and careful characteristics etc. Above all things, Broward College Vietnam graduates also have the outstanding English skills, soft skills and significant self-confidences in any jobs.

I/ Focus training on skills and follow the corporates’ requirements

The Hospitality and Tourism Management at Broward College Vietnam is 100% delivered in English – which provides and certificates by Broward College Florida, which international value.

  • With the long-term and modern vision, Broward College Vietnam provide the realistic training program, which helps the graduates could adapt the enterprises’ recruiting requirements. In particular, the training program will focus on skills, develop realistic practices and group projects to ensure that students are capacity in not only hospitality and tourism but also others careers’ departments.

II/ Training duration

In the first 2 years in Vietnam, students have to complete 34 credits including 2 main part:

  • General program: 8 courses
  • Academic program: 14 courses
  • Students could enroll flexibly any course in each term.

After finishing 2 years in Vietnam, students could have many choices:

  • Receive the Associate Degree provided by Broward College Florida, which has been recognized internationally and start their work at the partner corporates.
  • Transfer to universities followed the cooperation of Broward College Vietnam with other universities in other countries such as the U.S., Australia, Canada, etc. and receive the Bachelor after 2 years university.

III/ Curriculum

1. General Education

  • Principle of Macroeconomics
  • Composition I
  • Humanities
  • Biological/ Physical Science
  • Biological/ Physical Science Lab
  • Mathematics
  • Speech Communication

2. Core Requirements

  • Computer and Internet Literacy
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Composition II
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Tourism Industries
  • Hotel Management
  • Front Office/ Systems/ Procedures

3. Elective

4. Specialization requirements

Complete one among these subjects

  • Business Law
  • Hospitality Law
Complete two among these subjects

  • Supervisory Development
  • Organization and Personnel Management
  • Intro to Management
  • Principles of Supervision
Complete one among these subjects

  • Intro to Accounting
  • Financial Management
Complete two among these subjects

  • Marketing
  • Convention and Group Business Marketing Management

IV/ Job opportunity

  • Hospitality and Tourism Management graduates from Broward College Vietnam will receive the certificates with international recognition. After graduating, students could transfer to universities or start their career immediately. With the outstanding of English skills, specialise knowledge as well as the full-equipped soft skills, Broward College Vietnam students could absolutely start their work in many big hospitality and tourism corporates or international enterprises in Vietnam as well as in other countries with the diverse careers:
    • Hospitality and Tourism specialise
    • Customer service
    • Management the departments related to restaurant – hotel – resort – yacht
    • Human resource management
    • Translator
    • Sales
    • Event planner and executives
    • Tour planner and executives
    • Customer services management
    • Tour guide
    • Trading promotion
    • Retail – FMCG


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