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Journey to conquer US Bachelor’s Degree

If you are dreaming of studying in the US, but you do not know how to do it or where to start, check out the plan Broward College Vietnam has prepared for our fellow students in such detail of journey to conquer the American Bachelor’s degree.

Stage 1:

Starting with the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) program at Broward College Vietnam with International lecturers who are rigorously accredited by Broward College (USA) to be equipped with proficient language skills and maximize the reflection of thinking in English as well as develop the skills needed for university-standard learning in the United States.

Stage 2:

Advanced 2 + 2 model enables students to study for the first 2 years at Broward College Vietnam, then transfer to any US university for the next 2 years to complete Bachelor’s degree.

Students at Broward College Vietnam are recognized as official students of Broward College in the United States with a student ID number, transcript, resources and qualifications certified by Broward College without distinction of location. After 2 years studying in Vietnam, students receive an Associate of Science (Associate’s Degree) granted by Broward College (US), no different than those in the US.


Stage 3:

Transferring to America! After completing 2 years at Broward College Vietnam with Associate’s Degree, students will be eligible to transfer to Broward College in the United States or any leading accredited university in USA, completing a Bachelor’s degree after 2 years.

Stage 4:

You have reached the destination! With a Bachelor of American University in hand and enjoy a state-of-the-art international education, your American dream is complete. Now let’s confidently conquer new career horizons!

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