2019 Heiskell Award Winner: International Partnerships

Broward College
International Partnership Centers: The Third Way

Program Overview

Since 1979, Broward College in Fort Lauderdale has offered students in certain countries the opportunity to study in an American college while living at home. Students take courses in English leading to associates of arts or science degrees which appear on a Broward College transcript and are recognized as the equivalent of credits and degrees earned in Florida. These credits are transferrable to other colleges and universities in the US or other countries. In order to support this program, Broward College has appointed faculty to serve as coordinators for the respective partnerships to maintain continuous communications with and support for the local centers.  These faculty visit their counterparts two or more times per year to provide professional development opportunities, observe classes in session and communicate Broward College expectations and policies. Over the years, it is estimated that over 8600 students have transferred with college credits recognized by the receiving institution.

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