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How not to turn yourself into a “bookworm” during student life in the U.S

Studying abroad, your main task is of course to study, especially studying in the US, top 5 countries with the best academic backgrounds in the world. However, turning yourself into a “bookworm” during your student life in the U.S and not knowing anything other than writing is extremely wrong. Although, the fact that many hard-working Vietnamese students have maintained very high score results in the first year of a university program abroad, it is the extracurricular activities that help you quickly developing many soft skills and these are the factors that follow for the rest of your life or directly decorate your CV after graduation.

Simply understood, extracurricular activities are all beyond the framework of your lesson. These can be clubs, teams about personal interests, sports, volunteerism, international students … These activities can take place on or off campus, students or staff. The purpose of these activities is nothing more than contributing to creating people who fully develop physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Where to participate in the extracurricular activities?

Clubs that you can participate in as an extracurricular activity are usually held on the university campus. Of course, depending on the nature and time, members can decide on another location, anywhere convenient. Normally, for clubs that are not too specific, you will often be supported by the school with some facilities and equipment to operate.

For example, clubs that most universities have are art clubs (music, drama, literature, painting, etc.) will be supported in practice rooms or musical instruments, prices and color drawing… In addition to material support, the university may also have a lecturer or staff member or upperclassmen to assist you with your expertise. Jute is a form of learning that is very useful at school, making your weekends full of colors.

When to participate in the extracurricular activities?

As mentioned above, you can participate in extracurricular activities outside of school time. These can be empty lessons, weekends or vacations. Extracurricular activities alternating between classes can make you relieve stress, relax and open your mind. At the same time, extracurricular activities will also help you have a more colorful weekend. The fact that extra-curricular activities will “fill” the vacancies and make your study abroad time more meaningful with lots of interesting activities. Because, you may not be able to extend your physiological time, but you can “enrich” your psychological time in this way.

What to participate in the extracurricular activities?

There is a fact that universities in advanced countries always focus on developing a whole person and you can easily find dozens, even hundreds, of clubs in a university. Therefore, you may be caught up in too many extracurricular activities that affect your academic performance. So, consider choosing the clubs that you really like so that you don’t have to be boring and have enough time to study, and also have impressive achievements to supplement into your CV as well as developing lots of useful skills in life.

Thus, the important thing of extracurricular activity is no longer debatable. Do not consider this a mandatory condition or participation only to decorate your CV. In fact, you should consider it as a good opportunity to improve yourself, experience life and make your study abroad time more meaningful. These extracurricular activities will be introduced to you right on the first day (or week) when you first arrive at the university. In addition, the website or university fanpage can also provide information for you. In addition, do not sit in one place, do actively explore the clubs directly on or off your university campus through school discoveries such as campus tours. You may find interesting things!

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