Seminar ‘Conquer U.S Universities from Broward College Vietnam’

There are over 1.2 millions international students studying abroad in the U.S. From Vietnam the number of students desire to step a foot in the U.S to study has never descreased, but how to be accepted in the prestigious U.S universities, and how to get the F1 visa approval to the U.S?… these questions received the most concerns from not only students, but also their parents.

From Vietnam, Broward College with more than 10 years responsibility in providing English for Academic Purposes program and the first 2 years U.S colleges in Vietnam, the college has successfully transfer hundreds of qualitative students to other top U.S universities for their next 2 years of baccalaureate degree with 100% of transferred students awarding a scholarship or receiving in-state tuition waiver fees policy (Including many top universities with a very high standard for students who want to apply for their 1st year). Almost none of Broward College Vietnam students receive any difficulties in the U.S Visa process.

Understanding and having the same desire of parents, Broward College Vietnam wants to provide great conditions for students to receive the opportunity to study abroad, or to study in an international education environment after graduated from High school, in order to develop their best abilities. Moreover, to understand how to prepare financial proof, prepare the language proficiency, how to choose a safe and well-quality colleges and universities for the students, especially how to make them well-prepared, more mature and independent before studying abroad… Broward College Vietnam has organized the Seminar ‘Conquer U.S Universities from Broward College Vietnam’ to share U.S education information and factors to prepare, etc. The Seminar aims to provide parents, students, other High school representatives and teachers more information for your child, your family or students to prepare for the journey to conquer U.S Universities.

The Seminar would be held only once in this year, based on the Broward College Vietnam visit of President David Armstrong – President Emeritus of Broward Florida, U.S.

Below are the details of the Seminar:

  • Time:     13:30 – 16:00 PM, Saturday, 06.04.2019
  • Location:      Apollo room , Liberty Central Saigon Riverside (17 Ton Duc Thang, Ben Nghe, District 1)
  • Contents:
  1.     General information about College – University system in the U.S
  2.     2+2 models and the optimal financial solution for studying in the US 
  3.     Broward College Vietnam prepare for students to conquer famous U.S Universities
  4.     Visa Information and U.S prestigious Universities information
  5.     Q&A

In order for the reception to be attentive, parents, students, teachers please register to attend through:

  • Hotline: 0902 783 883 or 0908 979 991
  • Email:
  • Online Registration: FREE REGISTRATION

For more information:


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