How to choose the right major?

on September 09, 2018

Having a career which is suitable with your strengths and interests, as well as provides several opportunities for future development is what many people make great effort to achieve. In that process,...


(Tiếng Việt) Bí kíp săn học bổng du học Mỹ cho “hội con nhà không giàu”

on July 03, 2018

Sorry, this entry is only available in Vietnamese.


Processes and procedures for applying for a US student visa 2018

on June 20, 2018

Vietnamese pupils, students who are cherishing in the “American dream” and on the way of realizing the overseas study journey, will sometimes encounter difficulties and obstacles at the Consulate...


Định hướng du học Châu Mỹ: Thay đổi ngành học tại Mỹ, khó hay dễ?

on April 10, 2018

Định hướng du học Châu Mỹ – Việc chọn chuyên ngành trước khi bước vào giảng đường đại học luôn là một vấn đề “đau đầu” đối với các bạn...


The American Universities “matrix” in Vietnam and the decisive quality factors

on January 25, 2018

Accreditation is examined as a qualified certificates for universities and college in the U.S.A. Holding an accreditation is the key factors to help students differentiate the high-quality and low-quality...


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