How to apply

How to apply

Are you ready to be Broward College student? Let’s look back our enrollment step below:

Enrollment time


Enrollment Time Start day Deadline
Sping I: 15/11 – 07/01/2019 21/01/2019 07/01/2019
Sping II: 08/01 – 08/04/2019 22/04/2019 08/04/2019
Summer: 09/04 – 17/06/2019 01/07/2019 17/06/2019
Fall I: 18/06 – 26/08/2019 09/09/2019 26/08/2019
Fall II: 27/08 – 05/11/2019 19/11/2019 05/11/2019


Registration process

If you have met the application requirement of Broward College Vietnam, start your enrollment process right now. The sooner enrollment, the quicker we will resolve your profiles:

First step: Fill in application form, download here: Broward College application.

Second step: Provide necessary document:

  • Certified copy of High school Diploma or equivalent
  • Certified copy of High school transcript
  • Certified copy of ID card
  • CV certified by local authorities

Third step: Refer the provide scholarship program or other financial support program.

Many Broward College Vietnam students have received the financial support equivalent from 10% to 100%. Even though students think they could not receive any financial support, they could also check the scholarship program.

Broward College Vietnam Scholarship Program.

Fourth step: Join the entrance exam of Broward College Vietnam follow the calendar that Broward College announced you after receive your profile document.

Most of students register for the Broward College program have to join the entrance test LOEP (Level of English Proficiency). This online test is organized by Accuplacer organization of the U.S.A in order to evaluate the level of academic English of students and arrange them into the appropriate level. There are no “pass” and “fail” though students are only in basic level.

Fifth step: Complete the tuition fees payment.

Students have to complete the tuition fees payment in the given period of time.

Please contact BCV Admissions for more information.

Broward College Vietnam


129 Dinh Tien Hoang, Da Kao W., D.1, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone number
(028) 73 011 880


0902 783 883 – 0908 979 991



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