Broward College Vietnam

Broward College Vietnam

•  Broward College Vietnam is located in Ho Chi Minh City as an International Center of Broward College (Florida, U.S). BCV is accredited by the Southern Association of College and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) and is managed by the Institute of American Education (IAE) – the largest educational institute in Vietnam that comprises a university, five colleges, and 20 national English centers.

•  Through the implementation of an advanced 2+2 composite study model, Broward College provides a significant opportunity for Vietnamese students to receive first hand experience of studying the exact same courses as their counterparts in the USA. They do not have to leave their home country for the first two (02) years of their higher education studies. This flexibility allows students to enjoy substantial time and cost savings that can be allocated later towards their study-abroad plan in the U.S. for the remaining two (02) years of their Bachelor degree programs.

•  Students enrolled in the 2-year program at Broward College Vietnam, are simultaneously registered at Broward College, USA. They are afforded all the same privileges and student membership, IDs, transcripts, resources and certificates accredited by Broward College Florida with no distinction as to their study location.

•  Aiming to become a well-rounded platform for our students in their pursuit of an American education, we are persistent in attaining and maintaining an international standard-compliant learning environment. This includes strict faculty quality assurance, regimented and consistent curriculum as well as a broad array of both curricular and extracurricular initiatives to foster an independent study approach, critical thinking skills and team working capabilities. We prepare students for the real world.

•  Our education provision does not stop at the high level academic quality we deliver or the opportunity to access high-quality education with optimized financing. We place strong emphasis on the role of student affairs so that the experience students gain, both on- and off-campus, is both insightful and enriching. Join Broward College Vietnam and see it for yourself. There are great things waiting to be discovered.

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Broward College Vietnam is recognized as an international center by Broward College Florida, U.S: